Friday, August 14, 2009

Who's nostalgic here?

Remember the smell of new books? Of new plastic covering on the Annual Diary? The green book you get every year at the beginning of the academic year? The whole tamasha of covering the books with brown coloured paper, of sticking those name stickers. Also those old books, which I used to get from the one year senior neighbour, which will be bound and used for all those subjects where the syllabus has not changed?
The school was all good, with new subjects and new stories. But the fun doesn't last that long. Once you get used to the stories you loose interest. You don't feel like reading them again and again.
One of these days I just fumbled over some new plastic cover and the smell of my old diary cover was all over me. The fun, the excitement, the tension of a new academic year.
Blah, fuck the nostalgia, its not worth it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Big decisions, big people, big dreams and big money necessarily do not make up a big part of our life. Its actually the collection of all the small things, times-jokes-fun and stuff maketh the life better and what it is. I always thought and to a further extent still think, that my instincts will always send me in the right direction, that what I feel when I feel that way is always bound to happen. But, there is a first time for everything. Its not always given in a platter. Maybe you always win the 5 buck lottery, every single time just to loose out on the 500 million lottery. Life teaches you nothing the easy way. Its like a box of chocolates, you eat the good ones first, then the not so good ones and eventually you end up eating the ones you don't usually eat.
The more you wonder the more you know, the more you know the less you wonder about it. Then in the end, you stop. There is no vicious circle, the serpent eating its own tail is nothing but a bloody myth.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. So what if you saw this particular clock during one of those two times and assume that its a working clock? Particularly nasty, if you trust the clock to show you the right time sometime later, isn't it? Possible, but not probable. Well again I wonder isn't that happen most of the times, in a relationship? You actually meet a person in similar circumstances as one of those two times when the clock is showing the right time, only difference being that here we allow a lot more tolerance than we would rather for a clock. Funny how things are.