Friday, June 3, 2011


“Professor, why are some of these graves, missing the cross over them, unlike the most others?”, asked one timid looking kid.
“Son, those are the graves of the ones who committed suicide.”, answered the old man.
“Yeah, they don’t keep the crosses over them since their souls are all muddied”, said another equally looking kid.
“Who taught you all that rubbish?”
“Me grandmother told me so.”
“Well, no offense my dear, but I am afraid your grandmother should be a ruddy fool to believe that!”
“Then why aren’t they there?”
“Well, the question must be, why are they there on the other graves, on the first place, on the graves of the so called ‘faithfully departed’? They are there to prevent those souls from trying to get out of their resting places. Well, the ones who committed suicide, now they wouldn’t be trying to get back to the place that they took pain to get out of, eh?”
“Hmmmm,that does make sense, doesn’t it?”
“Of course it does!”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


You spent all your time smiling.
All but you,
All but you were busy travelling,
But you,
You spent all your time smiling.
Thinking of unheard of whispers,
Whispers that might be.
Whispers that you wanted to shout,
But all were out travelling.
But you,
You spent all your time smiling.
You heard them come.
You heard them go.
You knew.
You knew those who were gone were taken away.
You spent all your time smiling.
You started whispering,
With time, you started shouting.
But they were all gone travelling,
Taken away.
Yet you,
You still spent all your time smiling.