Sunday, October 18, 2009

O Mary go and call the cattles home!

Ever thought one wrong decision from your part can make your life so fucked up? Its not a rash decision taken at the spur of the moment or anything, I would say I took almost a month for this one. I am not impulsive most of the time. I do get impulsive ideas but in most of the cases I take a lot of time to decide and act upon them.
I kind of knew the decision from day one, but then I did took time to finalise it, to my credit.
But in the fucking end, it was a fucking pathetic decision.
If it looks like shit and smells like shit, chances are it is shit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

à la Barrichello :|

Remember that race where a part of Barrichello's car flew off and hit Massa square and which had sent him retiring in the hospital room for sometime? Any part of the vehicle ever fell off while you were riding/driving? Well, it happened to me; today. The metal thing that stays on the back of the bike, behind the seat fell off. It was loose for quite a long time, but I was lazy for a longer period of time. My laziness is much more powerful than a silly piece of metal that is hanging loose from the back of my bike. Some rattle can't frighten me off.
It did fall in a crowded area, but thankfully no one got hurt. Some one could have, this is a heavy piece sharp and a bike can hit it and fall over. It can get stuck in a car-tyre. Thankfully neither of it happened. I took it to the restaurant where I had my breakfast and kept it there, with the promise that I'll take this today noon and fix it. I'm still waiting.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gulaal - Anurag Kashyap

Excellent portrayal of emotion, crude crassy but I was glued. Kay Kay Menon's Dukey Bana was good but the best of the lot was Rannvijay 'Ransa' Singh by Abhimanyu Singh. Ayesha Mohan was good too.
The movie is all about one man's intense love for a Rajputana state. Movie has lots of symbolisms to add to the lot. Also there are lots of intense scenes. The transformation of Dileep Singh cannot be seen as the thread of the movie, but it can be considered as the one central plot.
All the songs, especially 'Aarambh hain prachand', were excellent.
This movie was in my to-watch list for so long. Its one of those movies where you actually take the side of one of the characters (not necessarily the protagonist) and live the movie through him; in my case it was Ransa in this movie.
Go watch the movie, if you are reading this blog, I guess the movie is worth watching too. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hey Ho! It ain't so bad!

Hmmm so we went to this place near Udaipur and saw this road-side place selling ingenious Bhang. Well for those who actually doesn't know what it is, its cannabis (Ganja-Weed-Pot-Pullu) seeds-leaves-flowers and O fuck knows what ground and then made into a sweet connotion called Bhang-ki-Thandai. Well it didn't seem so frigging great or magnificent. But this comment should have been made after 30 minutes of drinking the stuff. O Fuck was I high - Check; Was I paranoid - Check; Was I loosing out on reality - Oh yeah Fucking-Check; Well one trial and now I have lots of people pulling my leg now I am back in town. People give me fucking mineral water and told me to drink in small sips (lest I get knocked down). Wow! So be it. Well, did I enjoy it - Hell Yeah Check ! :)

P.S. : There's lot more to (and embarrassing too) this Bhang story. Well why should I say that to you all! :P