Thursday, March 24, 2011


The stone has been lying there for years, eons to be precise. Then one day they cleared ground, found it. They cut a big piece out of it. They started chipping it, polishing it. One might think this might have hurt it, but it was a stone, it didn’t have any feelings. But given a choice of gender, it would have been a she. Well, let us give it that gender and call it a she from now on.
So they chipped her, polished her and made her a huge penis. They took her to a huge dark room, pour butter, ghee and milk and anointed it and escalated it to the status of the God. She was a huge penis, worshipped and praised, but still a penis.
Years and years went by; but compared to her age, well let us just say it was just a couple of seconds to her. The dark room was holy, but dark, so bats started inhabiting it. People came; they anointed her; more years passed.
Another day came in another age; some other people attacked the holy house. They got inside the dark room. They took her out. They cut her out out of her holy seat. They chipped and disfigured her and threw her out in the wild; Not the same place where she was originally found, but still in the wild.
So there she was, a chipped penis! What good would it be, one might think. But then, she was always infertile.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are you happy? Or are you just having fun?

Happiness and fun - how do you distinguish them?

We were having a chat yesterday, me and my colleague, how even small things used to make us happy when we were kids! Even if it is a cricket match in the evening, or a small trip to the nearby town,  a visit to the relatives' house - it used to make us happy! And there is no sane explanation for it.

Yes, we do go for trips, we do run around, drink smoke loiter watch movies, but then it has lost it's charm, is that it? Is it that we are now used to it? I still remember, how excited I used to get, when a prospect of watching a movie, in a theater comes along! How a rain used to make me happy!

I look about and I see that I am having fun, I am enjoying most of the moments, but happiness, it is something different - to quote my colleague - Anything everything used to make me happy when I was a kid! But now a car a bike a house a job a good salary, thats fun to have, but happiness have eluded us! Maybe it gets tougher to make ourselves 'Happy' as we grow older!

To be or not to be!

Seduction as an art was popularized by here Great grandmother. Her mother was the first chair-person of the single mother’s club. Yet she was now afraid to admit the fact that she was pregnant.
It wasn’t so easy, as every one said.
‘She is the best mother one could ever hope for!’, they say! But she was the only mom she had, so she can’t gauge. In their privacy as mother and daughter, she might try to probe, Maybe when the kid is born, then there might be lesser ambiguity.
It isn’t so easy, as every one says!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


“We were coming after the second show. It was pretty late, but then there was moonlight streaming in. We were four of us in two bicycles. I was riding the cycle with, Rajan or was it Madhu who was sitting in front. We passed the turn after the Government hospital when suddenly Madhu (or Rajan) screeched something. It wasn’t that legible but he was asking me to stop. He was hysteric. When I asked him why, he pointed his chin towards the road in front of us. Then I saw it. It was sitting with its back towards us, it heard us and turned its head to us. It was only as big as a kid, but had a huge head, with pointed ears. And it let out a demonic laugh. I knew what it was, I have heard stories about it. All of us had a sudden impulse to turn around and run. But, thankfully, we didn’t. When you see a Thendan we are not supposed to turn our back to it. We are supposed to walk backwards, always looking at it. We dropped our cycles, somehow, Raghu on the other cycle, also had the presence of mind to do that, we slowly backed off till it was out of our sight and then ran for our lives. Next morning all of us woke up with a terrible fever, which lasted for 3 days. Those were the days, at least 30-35 years passed. Those were the days!
Yeah, Rajan could never get that incident out of his mind, I believe, poor guy. We were so close, all the four of us”
“I really was not in a mood to watch any movie, but Madhu insisted. So we went and while coming back we found this Thendan on the road. It is not a devil, it is a lesser one. It won’t kill you or attack you. But,the moment you turn your back to it, it will bounce like a ball and somersault backwards and attach itself on to your shoulders. It will hold tight around your neck with its long legs. Some say it becomes invisible when it attaches itself to someone. It will never let you go, never, till you die. That won’t be long too. I haven’t known anyone personally to die like that, some say they die early, they have heart-attacks!
Well we were fine, but Rajan was never the same.”
“The movie was good I remember, and this Thendan story, I am not sure if it’s real. See, it has been 30 years or so, and it was late night and dark, not a bit of light. How can one be sure? What I remember is that the other three were backing off and startled as if they saw the devil himself. I just followed suit.
No, I don’t remember having a fever; as a matter of fact, I never fell ill during my younger days.
No, Rajan was never the same, he never came out of it.”
*Thendan is a village superstition of a small kid like nocturnal creature which jumps and attaches itself to any person who turns his/her back to it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Veil.

I used to gaze at her - though through her veil it was only her eyes that were visible. And I used to wonder and dream and wish that she might be gazing at me too. And like clock-work she used to be present at 8 in the morning in the small road that goes in front of my room and I just have to raise my head to see her.
He is there. The cigarette is still there, and he looks as tired as any other day. I wonder if he recognizes me; Is there anything that I am entitled to show to the outer world which is me? The veil from the tailors, the kohl from the local shop, the perfume from the same place? I wonder and dream and wish that he can recognize me! And somehow I have this feeling that he does recognize me.
What would she be thinking? Will I ever recognize her if I find her un-veiled? I am in love with her, but what am I in love with? What do I know about her? Well I know she prefers blue eye shadows. I know she has at-least 7 pairs of shoes. I know she loves Jasmine. I know her left eyes twitches more than her right. She has beautiful eyes and I know that she is aware of the fact that she is beautiful.
Is it a taboo to think of him; of his lips; of his careless hair? Of his cigarette? Of him!
What would it be to make love to her? How would she be naked? Would the rest of her as beautiful as her eyes? Or is it that her eyes are like any other eyes, just that everything else being veiled gives it the beauty?