Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sea sand breeze moon (and some ants and a few crabs)!

Sleeping in the sand till ants and crabs started crawling near and on our body; running from one cliff to another, trying to find out a secluded but so so beautiful Paradise beach; sitting in a shack trying to figure out if to stay at this crowded but safe beach - there goes the flashback on my first morning in Paradise beach, near Gokarna.
A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine said, he is going to Gokarna with a couple of his friends. That they are planning to hike and trek from Om beach to some beach which is not accessible by road. I said, heck, I can't take so much running and climbing on a holiday. However, a week later I joined them in the trip.
We reach Gokarna in the morning, roamed around the small village centre, then started to Kudle beach around noon. We reached the beach, had a swim and then proceeded to the next stop - Om beach.I was getting tired, indeed.
Om beach was a short stop and personally I so did not want to go to the next place. But didn't want to be a spoilsport. We started hiking trekking (again) - all short treks, but I am no fan of physical labour!
We reach a small cove, the half moon beach as it is called. Didn't stop, we proceeded to our ultimate stop - Paradise beach. We jumped from one cliff to the other, it was getting dark and there was no beach to be found. At one point we reached a high cliff with no way forward. I said, dudes there is no way forward, we can put up our tent here. No, we back-tracked, found some trails and carried forward.
And, hey, we reached the Paradise beach. But what we found was the remains of couple or more shacks and no way forward and it's already dark. While we were pondering over what to do now, we saw someone flashing a torch light in our direction. We found that was the owner of one of those erstwhile shacks and his friends.
So we camped some where on the remains of a shack - when the other dudes ordered food, they brought some for us too.
We had a bon-fire, we had songs, we had the beach and we had the moon. 
(And we had the ants and the crabs, which I had mentioned before.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Being a gun expert and choosing a gun to shoot yourself with is much like a surgeon trying to find the right place to amputate his leg. It’s either too crass or too subtle; too strong to too feeble; too loud to too pussy. A noose is like acknowledging one’s incompetence in one’s profession. Three months is too long to be thinking about such a problem. But then again, it should not matter - it’s the last and most important decision in his life. The bus reached his stop and he snapped out of his thoughts.