Thursday, November 29, 2012


Tony was walking down the lane next to the post-office. Winding turning climbing falling. He was worried that he has forgotten something - something really important. He was still worried, while he was waiting for the taxi. He got the front row in the taxi - he was still forlorn and worried. He was thinking about that which he has forgotten. He was almost a zombie throughout the dinner. He went to his room and lay down on the bed, still worried. He did not remember falling asleep. He woke up the next morning with a bitter feeling that he has forgotten something. He brushed his teeth, ate his breakfast - trying to pick his brain to find out that which he has forgotten. He started walking down the lane next to the post-office. Winding turning climbing falling. He was worried that he has forgotten something - something really important.

The Crystal Sandal

Against all the odds, Cinderella won the prince's hand in the ball. The magic played tricks on her; stepmothers plotted against her; stepsisters hated her. In the end, she got the prince, for good.
She sat looking forward to the night and the consummation of their marriage. Prince came in, sat next to her and told her - "I love you more than anything. You are like a little sister to me. And yeah, I am gay."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cui Bono.

We all have our existential crises and doubts. We all should have them at one point of time. Here or there? Or where?
Most of us had a cushioned past - the details were made out for us by someone else. We just need to step on to the train. Our life, education and career so far has been just hiking on someone else's shoulders. Then it hits you - and hits you hard. We are here and we are wondering if this is a rut that we are stuck in. We think hard. We aren't content with the glass and the water it contains. We are hungry but we aren't hungry enough. We are fools but not foolish enough.
We read about others who are better than us. We read about their adventures. But, we don't read about their failures. We don't notice the thousands of throws which didn't end up in the hoop but we are amazed and enticed by the beauty of the ones which did end up perfectly. We dream of perfection, but we don't strive for it. We blame the system but we forget the fact that it wasn't meant to be fair. It was meant to be causal. We forget the fact that the only rule in the universe is causality. The cruel and impartial rule of cause and effect. So perfect, yet so simple.

Reminds me of this quote from the Scoresese movie The Departed:

Ellerby: Cui Bono, who benefits?
Colin Sullivan
: Cui gives a shit. It's got a freakin' bow on it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ready to marry. Made to specs. 20% discount.

I have been seeing a lot of talk/discussion and all those creepy stuff about marriage, especially from the ladies. About the fact that how 'mallu' guys are when they are looking out for marriage; how pathetic they are; how they over-react; how big hypocrites they are - all those very important and exceedingly accurate things, as these lady friends see. This is not a post supporting the guys; this is not a retort from the rest of unmarried males. However, what this is, is a vague (and I'm sure vain) attempt at trying to find out why this is happening.
First of all, let me start with the fact (which might be a little tough to comprehend) that all men are not assholes. Hey  there, your dad is a member of the male fraternity too, isn't he? But I do agree that there are lots of asses out there who are, well asses. But the fact about asses is that it's all about presentation; see an ass is an ass is an ass. But you cover them up with nice clothing, show a bit hide a bit - and it becomes something to die for. Of course, me being a male chauvinistic asshole, I couldn't come up with a better analogy. But then I do believe its a good analogy, my point here being - what might look like Christmas might really be Halloween.
As for the guys asking this and that - honestly I don't understand that. Trust me, I have seen guys who were perfectly honorable and reasonable turn into proper assholes when the case of matrimony starts. (And I know people who are not assholes having a tough time finding a girl, and other people making a lot of off-hand comments about them. And if you are one of those people who makes all those snide remarks, then, Fuck you - till thy kingdom come).
I digress - the fact I was trying to put forward here is that, there are very reasonable people who suddenly flip when a search for a lady commences. And I, for the life of me, can't comprehend how. Then there is an urban legend that these reasonable people are taken to this place - not quite sure where exactly - a quaint little restaurant or maybe a shady alley and hit with a large stone (or a plasma gun which alters your personality, who knows) which  makes them bonkers and matri-ready, to be dished out in plastic boxes with all those bubble wraps by various .com sites. That's one hypothesis; there are many.
Then there is this thing which was earlier called happily ever after; now its called 'Blah'.

P.S. :- There is another theory that after marriage people go into a parallel universe inhabited only by married people. Not really sure of that either. I haven't got the entry pass yet - seems like it's a 'Couples only' joint :D