Thursday, January 7, 2010


He was sitting in his room, watching some music video. He had drunk some and smoked some. I went inside and broke the news: "Dey, Bob Marley is dead!!!". He threw his headphones and said "O shit O shit" and then even while I was walking down the stairs, I could hear him shout.
Then he comes down and asks another room mate, "Dey net il check cheyyada, Bob Marley chathu".
Roomie who was playing some computer game in his room (the game is the sick one where you manage a foot ball team and become rich) was annoyed but still heeds to the request. He checks wikipedia to find that "Edey iyalu 1981 il vadi aayatha. Shavam." Well he hears that, comes and and sits in the living room and said, "Ayyo nammal arinjathu valare late aayi poyi."