Friday, July 20, 2012

Raju and Radha.

All the time, while I was busy growing up reading Balarama and all the similar comics, I was of the idea that Raju and Radha were siblings. The fact that they don't show them in a house together with their folks wasn't enough for me. They were indeed siblings, all right? Even their names rhyme. I know Raju and Radha would never grow up, but if the unspeakable happen and they do grow up, I am sure now that they won't be shown together when Raju family and Radha family come together for weekend get-togethers with their respective families, but Raju with a mustache and glasses, starting to office and Radha coming and giving him his handkerchief, or perhaps even a goodbye kiss.
Maybe I should write a story about them, all right?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Started reading Sandman again - took up from where I left earlier. Morpheus, Master of Dreams. What a power now that would be - to control each and every dream of each and every living individual; manipulate him/her using his/her dreams! I wonder! I wonder all that could be; even that this could be a very long long dream. 

The Wrong Brother.

The initial idea was to jump off the window and start flapping the wings and maneuver away into the oblivion. But he felt that the trees were a bit tricky and calculations always ended uncertain. He did not want a speck of uncertainty anywhere. That's when he decided to use the tree itself as the solution. That fateful day he climbed up the tree and jumped off it wearing the wings and fell down and died flapping his wings on the ground. 
Mr.X, avid collector, art connoisseur and the da Vinci expert in the Town Council, died in a freak accident, falling of the balcony, his manager announced to the press. No one, including the press, was allowed inside the house. His relatives were unavailable for comment.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Senses are deceptive they say. What about thoughts? Aren't they deceptive too? If one can't trust one's own senses, what more can anyone say of thoughts? So if thoughts and senses are both prone to deception, how would anyone know which one is deceptive? Or if both are deceptive? Or now the even lesser chance that both are trustworthy?