Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hell yeah!

Imagination is the cruelest punishment a man can be bestowed upon. A curse, it is, thought the man. It was getting ready to burst out of him and he knew he could not control the urge anymore. However, he also knew that if indeed he is going to tell everyone what he thinks of, then that would certainly mean his death; and the current rulers were extremely notorious in the ways they torture and kill people.

"Fuck you man, you must have been stupid to tell people to be nice to others! And the son of God thing was epic!"
"Well it did end up being epic!"
"Oh yeah! Where are you now? Epic my ass!"
"Yeah yeah rub it on! By the way, I really didn't know there was a heaven! Fuck!"
"What the fuck! No more weed for you!"

Saturday, February 16, 2013

As you sow, shall you reap!

Three days after his murder, he woke up. He was in a dingy cupboard like room/box. Oh fuck! he thought, this must be another one of those medieval torture things.
He tried to get out, started scraping at the walls. And then he heard some movement outside.
Someone opened the box. And...
Oh shit! It was that girl he slept with the night before they caught him to 'murder' him. And the bitch was so adamant that she has stayed back to ask for the the payment.
He ran; like hell!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Trails down your memory, there is a sacred lane;
It  is not a secret, yet no one enters the lane.
How far? How far? : one asks,
But no one answers the call.
Not anymore is it open;
No one heeds the call.
Yet it is, so sacred,
Enter at your own risk.