Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The wake up alarm pierced through his dream. He woke up smiling. He didn’t remember much of his dream but he was sure it was a happy dream. And he almost already knew that his day was fucked. But what he didn’t know then was that this was his last day.
He smoke his first cigarette of the day in the toilet and took his shower. He checked the mirror and thought twice about shaving and then decided against it. He went back to his seat and waited for the warden to call for breakfast. That was when the bomb blasted.
He had never thought of escaping, even once. The jail-life was part of his resignation to the fate. But when one finds the whole jail in chaos and a huge hole in one’s cell’s wall, the only thing one cannot think is about not running away.
There is some reason why the jail dress is in stripes of black and white - and that is because it makes it terribly conspicuous. And that might also be the reason why zebras are supposed to have a very high reproducing rate - so they say!
He had never been to a college in his sane life. But that was where he went right away. He went there and exchanged his jail uniform for a normal looking t-shirt. (Whoa dude! Real jail dress! Cool! O it’s ok, you can keep the cigarette pack.)
He then went to his old boss’s place. He was surprised, but was happy to have him back. (Half pay jobs; desperate jail bird.) He was told to take a day’s rest and come back the next day.
With the money he got from the boss, he went to his regular bar to down a couple of drinks and get a girl perhaps.
The alarm bell rang and he woke up. He didn’t remember much of his dream but he was sure it was a happy dream. And he almost already knew that his day was fucked.


“A man dies when he stops dreaming. The time of death is when he stops dreaming and not when his heart stops beating!”
“So what happens when his heart stops beating?”
“Well, hmmmm, yes, see there are two kinds do people, all right? The ones who were already dead, as they had stopped dreaming - they are already dead- and the dreamers, their hearts might stop drumming, but they would continue dreaming. And in their dreams they keep on living. And that my son, is the difference between heaven and hell!”

Saturday, May 28, 2011

King Size.

“The Federal Ministry of Health warns that smokers are liable to die young.”
He read it and gave a smug smile before crumpling the empty pack and throwing it away. Warns? What are they, seers? He took a deep drag and started to cross the road. He didn’t see the huge truck until it was almost over him - he forgot that in this country they drove on the wrong side of the road. His last thoughts were - well he didn’t have time for any.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


How could someone change something in one’s life without inevitably changing oneself? How would someone ask anyone to change a habit of one’s and still be expected to be the same human being? Still, everyone barks - ‘Change is inevitable!’
Let us take a person; let us call him ‘x’. Let ask ‘x’ to change one small aspect of him; one small habit of his. Let us monitor him and then let us conclude that he is better off with that small ‘bad’ habit of his gone down the drain. Let us hope. And let us hope that he is still ‘x’ and not ‘y’.
Let us all change one small thing in our’s a day or a week. Let us constantly monitor ourselves and let us hope that we are getting better with every day, every week of our life. Let us truly hope.
So what are you gonna change in yourself and in your life today? What Am I gonna change in me and in my life today?