Sunday, April 1, 2012

I finished watching my first John Abraham movie. No, it's not of the handsome hunk who acts in the Bollywood movies, it's this late Malayalam director, who has way less muscles and way more beard. He has directed only 4 movies, all written by himself. The one I watched is 'Amma Ariyan'
The gist of the movie is the story of our protagonist Purushan, who on his way to meet his friend, before leaving to Delhi, chances upon the body of a person who had just recently committed suicide. He doesn't know who it is, but wanted to find who it is and tell his mother about his son's fate.
I have been hearing about John Abraham, for quite a while. His legend status, his mystique. The bearded nomad who came into the Malayalam movie scene, started the first independent cinema movement, directed just four movies and then passed on. His acts were blasphemy for the established directors and producers. Four movies - two national awards (one for best movie and one a special jury award) - one movie was enough to get me hooked. One down, three more to go.
John the saint, the legend, the 'Ottayan' of Malayalam movie, lives on.