Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution? blah

Today is Dec 31st. And I never had this thing bt new years and new year resolutions. Whats the big deal anyway? Tomorrow is jus another day, be it of another year. But this time I thot mebbe even I can have a "New Year Resolution". I always used to say, to myself at least, that I dont lie. Actually its kinda true, its not becoz I am too much bothered bt the good - bad thing. Its jus becoz I am too selfish and I don really care bt wat others mite think or say. And its always easier to say the truth. One thing I have learned bt it is that mosta the cases you can always get away with saying the truth. So this New Year I am forcing myself that I will not lie. Hmmm, this is new to me, coz till date I used to tell myself I will lie as and wen its required, ie., if its required. And as I said in the end it happens so that you dont have to lie. Mebbe now on I ll force myself. Lets see how black and blue I am gonna be after a month or two. :)

Is it gonna rain?

Last day I got a new helmet. I mean it was ma bros helmet, wic he had lost some time bak and found now. The visor is dark. When you put on the visor, everything becomes dark. The sky suddenly looks dark as if its gonna rain. You wanna reach ya home fast. You wanna cuddle in your bed alone. The sense of urgency is always there. And then you open up the visor and everything is back to normal and you suddenly feel bad since its not gonna rain.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Long live colonialism !!!

So wat is this all bt? hmm our old roomie is gettin married and we all are invited (obviously). And his home town is Varkala, one of those nice beaches along the kerala coast. And I was supposed to go back to my home town after the wedding, so I was excited.
Here we hop into the train and start our long journey to Varkala.
Hmm nthng great and exciting in the train, barring the part where some one flicked my floaters while I was sleeping. Old one bt nt one I wud wanna loose yet.
We reach his place, have break fast and then start to the beach. Upon reaching the beach, we see a foreigner trying hard to start his Bullet. So since I own a similar bike and knowin how to start one of these, I thot of playin the nice host. Afterall, Athithi devo bhava, isn't it. So here I go and help him start the stuff, and wishes him a happy vacation.
Then we started exploring the beach side and finds this really nice part of it. We were 5 of us of wic me and my cousin were the ones who were really comfortable swimming in the sea. Off we started into the water, when suddenly we hear whistles. Na they weren't some gay ooglers whistling at our half naked bodies, they were those blue dress wearing Life guards.
"They say that this area is nt for Indians"
Me and ma bro were huh??? Are we stil in India???
60 years and more since we got the freedom and stil white guys are worshipped.
Long live colonialism!!! What else can I say here.