Saturday, March 10, 2012

Of Romance, Hemingway and Padmarajan.

Somehow the thought of romance came up today and I ended up defining romance, for me. And I think romance, for me is wanting; wanting more out of everything - out of life, out of time.

Letting go, wanting the next step in everything, to expect a turn in the road, and not knowing what lies ahead AND wanting to know it;
and going ahead to know it; its that feeling, its the same with love, sex, reading a book, going to a strange place - anything that can capture my mind.
Calling it a thrill would make it sound cheap. It's that feeling that one cannot put into words.
It's also that feeling of letting one thing go to get another; like sleeping the night to wake up fresh; leaving a city for another.
It's that continuous need to move, to evolve, to be infinite.
Thats romance for me - and inherently it's impossible to achieve; like finding a corner of a circle; like finding infinity.
If someone asks me to name one romantic book which I loved - I would say "For whom the bell tolls" by Hemingway. No, it doesn't have a happily ever after.
As for a romantic movie - that would be "Namukku Parkkan Munthirithoppukal" by Padmarajan. Now, that one has a happily ever after.