Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breaking News.

It was getting late and tiresome, but he had pending work. He could see the dawn breaking already, but he was still at yesterday’s task. And, then it came - the 39th vehicle of the night, a car. He hastened and turned to sit in place and opened the newspaper to the place he had stopped and started reading the paper from where he had stopped. By the time the car had gone, he finished another sentence. The car was gone now, so did the light too. He sat down and started waiting for the next vehicle to pass through the winding ghats.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


They remained on the floor, long after they stopped making love. A sense of enlightenment; of freedom was compounded by their fatigue - And they remained entwined like that forever. It started raining, drops started trickling in through the thatched roof. Nothing could wake them up from that seemingly never-ending sleep.
By evening she woke up from the trance. She looked around, found her dress and purse. She then took the bills she was paid in advance, the previous night and kept them on the table. She turned around and glanced at him and left the room without waking him up.