Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fly Me High!

"But darling fairies are only in the stories. No dear, you can't fly. Come on sweetie, now please get out of that costume, will you?"
"No! No! No! I am the little pink fairy. I even have a wand. You can't remove my wings. I have to fly."
"Oh! Please, dearie. Don't be so difficult."
"No! No! No! No! No!"
"Enough! That's enough tantrum! March to your room. I shall give you five minutes before I come there. And, I don't want to see any of those stupid wings again."

"I can fly; all fairies fly! I am going to fly high out of these windows."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"Wow! How long since we last saw a butterfly. And now look at them come at such large numbers. Look, this one is huge and red and blue and what the hell. Mosquitos! Mosquitos! Alarm Alarm, We are under attack."


"Underwear! Underwear! Underwear! That's all he cares about. Every single day he comes in with yet another load of underwear. When I say underwear don't think of them as those sexy kinky lingerie. I mean all those fat bloody men's underwear, you know." the furious lady said. "So you don't ask him about this, I mean about this kind of underwear shopping spree? the man who can be a police detective asked. "Of course I do, but that didn't work the last 11 years, did it?" "And he wears them all?" asked his companion. "Well, I am not sure. I don't think so. But, I'm not sure, see I haven't seen him in his underwear." "You haven't seen huh?" "Well see we, we don't have sex; never had sex. See I'm a lesbian and he is gay. Our's was a marriage of convenience." Cut back to a flea market where we see a man searching for something. Cut back to an younger looking version of the same man, much younger. We see him being almost strangled by a Sadhu. And he whispers hoarsely in our man's ear -  "An underwear, only an underwear can save you. Make sure that you have it with you when you need it." Our man, our man needs proof and he demands it. The Sadhu gave it - he gave him the colour of the underwear he was wearing. And also the colours of the one's he had been wearing for the last one week. 

What's Up Doc?

The man in the television was saying, "Who said the bunnies were funny? I, for one thing, always hated them. If it was for me, I would have caught every single one of them and skinned them alive. If I didn't have to clean their innards, I would have roasted them alive and ..." The one with the red badge and an eyepatch flicked the television off. He turned around and said, "This is the one guy I was talking about. He goes around half the world talking about skinning us and roasting us alive. We have to find him and find him we will. You, my fellow bunnies, are my elite. Go find him for me."

The Girl.

There are three layers. The girl is singing, but it's not in this layer. But which layer am I? Is it the outer, the middle or the inner? I don't think this is the inner layer, because since I'm not crouching into myself, as I would have been if I were in the inner layer. Is it the outer layer? I don't think this is the outer layer, because since I am not getting thinned and blown away into microcosms, as I would have been if I were in the outer layer. So it must be the middle. So the girl must be either in the inner layer or the outer layer. What is her song - Is it the pain of being crouched into oneself or the euphoria of being blown away into the universe?

Everything's Perfect!

"It's just an injection Arnold." "Yeah, but I'm not Arnold." "Well, everyone's Arnold for me. So sit down, and show me your forearm." "Are you sure this is perfectly safe, all fine?" "Everything is perfect, it is. It is natural and in this case quite mandatory that you feel some dizziness immediately after the injection. So, are you, now?" "No, not really." "Are you NOW?" "Yes I am, yes." "See, I told you - it's perfect. Now you'll be seeing everything over-exposed, brighter. Things will become more surreal, and I tell you, it's more fun. I know, because I've been there."I was floating; dreaming; flying; falling into an abyss.
 "Oh, I didn't think he was gonna buy that crap. Is he unconscious now - safe to be moved?"
"I'm the veteran here. I know, everything is just perfect. And yes, you can move him now."

Steel bird.

It's the steel bird again. This time it will shoot through. No - my emotion driven but highly illogical part of the mind said. It won't; as long as we keep our spirits high, it will hold up. But, how - asked the me-me, the logical me. Look at the dents it has already made. Looking at the situation and gauging by the steel bird's strength, it will just need one more chance. No, don't loose hope - she says. (Somehow that other emotional part evokes a feminine vibe.) I (the me-me), let out a deep sigh. The steel bird hit the wall of the tree, broke into the nest and took the little birds inside it. I tapped the cigarette with my finger and closed the shades on the window. I let out a deep sigh.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


If I am ever gonna have a son and if he comes to me and tells me that he wants to be an engineer, I am gonna swear at him. I am gonna swear at him and then I will take him to a side and tell him - Don't you ever dream of becoming an engineer. Remember the guy who sells tea in the cinema theatre? He sells that frigging awful hot concoction of his for thirty rupees - become him.


How would you like to do a job which involves being shouted at by people of below average IQ all day? People who believe everything that their printer or scanner not able to do should be fixed by the guy on the other side of the phone? If you answered yes, you would do awesome in my role.
That day was a particularly shitty day. My average day itself is a piece of hell, so you can figure out how an above average one would be. So, I get into the cab pissed off with every single soul in the face of the planet and start my ride back home.
It was just me and the driver and he was talking on the phone while driving. It was not a big crime in this part of the world, but that day was not an average day, right? The customer in me woke up, I wanted him to get off the phone, at once. Well the driver, an young guy with lots of attitude, asked me what if he won't? I said I will complain to the logistic department. He pulled over and asked me to get out, told me that no soul would stop for me here; that I would most certainly be mugged; that I would be lucky to be alive tomorrow, which was true. I got off. He got off too, but this time to smoke a cigarette and to give me that smirk. That did it.
See, I was helpless, totally. I had no way; 10 in 1, I will be mugged. If I am extraordinarily lucky, I will be alive tomorrow. I was helpless. I took my gun, shot him, twice. Once on his neck; the second one square on his chest - my coup de grĂ¢ce. 


I was riding pillion on my friend's bike. We were stuck in a jam, with cars all around us. I checked the one on the left. A small sunflower toy was on it's dashboard, you know, the one which dances from left to right when the car jerks. I look at the one on our right - it also has a similar toy, only a different colour. This must be a pretty popular toy around here. The one car behind us, also had one. Then I thought, everybody has one, why not me? A sunflower started growing on my forehead then, dancing slowly from left to right. Then I realised - Hey! But I am not a car. But by then it was too late.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Every face you meet in the crowd is one with a myriad of stories. I don't know why I remembered this all of a sudden - I had this strange habit of staring at people in a crowd, without their knowledge. I used to try and read their minds; and trust me - I absolutely believed what I thought they were thinking of. This guy who is running off in a hurry needs to be home to take a quick leak; this lady has just had a fight with her husband regarding the curries she had made for lunch. This boy is tense because he didn't do the homework and he has got no excuse to justify it.
Isn't it funny that you always wanted to go far far away from your home and still every now and then you yearn to be back? Well I still yearn to be back home but I am terrified of missing what is out there - out there to watch and learn. Faces places and thoughts.